You may be new to the world of phone dating and unsure of when to ask your new phone friend to meet in-person. It’s okay to be nervous. You may really like your new phone friend and like with any kind of dating, it’s never a good feeling to be turned down and rejected. However, if you have a good connection with your telephone partner, it’s likely that they won’t be opposed to meeting you in-person.

Here are some signs to watch out for to determine if your phone friend is ready to meet. One of the most important signs to look out for is simple. Do they show up and keep their phone dates with you? If so, this is an easy sign that they have interest in getting to know you better. Another sign to look for is how they communicate with you. Asking yourself a few questions could help you figure out if they are into you. Do they use active listening and are attentive in what you are saying to them? Do they answer your questions and open up to you about their life, interests, and desires? Do you feel comfortable sharing tidbits of information about yourself and your life to them? If you answered all these questions with a positive response, then more than likely, your phone friend will say yes to meeting you in-person.

Even if all signs point to yes, you still may get a no. At times it doesn’t mean they don’t have interest in you but for whatever reason are not ready to meet in-person. You should go for it because likely they will say yes!

So now that you know what signs to look for, it may ease your mind to recognize when it’s time to ask your new phone friend to meet in-person. Rejection shouldn’t stop you from doing what you think is right for you. So take your chances and ask your phone friend when you believe it’s the right time.