Tired of your friends hooking you up with their significant other’s friends? Or worse, with their newly single cousins/siblings/coworkers! Have you gone on enough blind dates – full of awkward conversations over starchy shared appetizers at chain restaurants – that you can feel the  indigestion coming on at just the thought of it?

Have you thought about opening an online dating account, but always end up closing the app before you even share your profile? You wouldn’t be the first person to fret over your profile pic, or worry about losing your anonymity because you’re essentially broadcasting yourself out there, or simply because you refuse to pay more to advertise yourself on their site.

There are ways to meet new people, whether you’re romantically interested, or just bored with your current social circle. And it’s as easy as picking up your phone – which you’re already doing 50 million times a day – but actually using the dialer to speak to a real human on the other end of the line! Like, a real conversation with someone you’ve never met before! Sounds insane to some, to others maybe a little archaic, but to today’s newer generations, it’s a whole new level of intimacy!

No screens to distract you, no photo gallery where weirdos can gawk at you (or shut you down before they’ve even met you), and no more awkward in-person monologues to feign interest in. Talk with a group of people, or just meet one new, interesting person at a time. If you’re not feeling it, just hang up! No repercussions, and no strings attached.

Sound too good to be true? Phones were literally made for this! You can join chat lines to find friends, or the love of your life, or just learn about other types of people are out there. If you have a particular new interest, or even if you’re just looking for someone to hook up with, there’s a line with your name on it! Plus, you’re totally anonymous until you decide otherwise! So put yourself out there, and get more out of your life, and that new device with the unlimited calling plan you’re already paying for! Use your voice to open up every possibility!!