Many people on the chat lines may be secretly shy. Think about a time when you were shy. Maybe you had to do a presentation for school and talk in front of a classroom of peers and teachers. Maybe getting attention from multiple people at the same time feels uncomfortable for you. I will bet that at some point of your life, you at least felt some butterflies in your stomach that could relate back to being nervous around people you don’t know.

Shy people are beautiful souls typically scared and anxious about how they may come off. The chat lines are perfect for them because they can be who they are without having additional worries like how they look or where they will meet you. Should you come across a shy phone friend, there are many things you can do to help him or she feels at ease. This blog will take a look at those options.

Usually shy people don’t like the attention on them or at least not in the beginning when they are getting to know you. So you can help the conversation flow on the phone by taking the lead and talking a lot about your interests, hobbies, and experience of the world. It’s also always great to make other people laugh. So make light jokes and talk as much as you can! This allows the shy person to feel less pressure to communicate.

Another way you can make a shy phone friend feel more comfortable is to spend more time with him or her. By doing so, you will slowly get to know him or her better. Usually spending time with someone makes them feel more comfortable and then eventually, your shy phone pal will open up. The more time, the more your phone friend will likely want to communicate with you.