Not so fast. If you are satisfied with sex in your relationship you may be more likely to cheat on your partner. Studies show it may be because someone in the relationship puts sex in a positive light, making them more open to act on their sexual impulses. It is more common that younger people and less attractive were more likely to be unfaithful. Age, attractiveness and sexual history all have a play in a person’s faithfulness. Men were more likely to cheat when their partner is less attractive then they are.

Researchers found that men who had many short-term relationships were more likely to cheat where women were less likely to cheat. Those who didn’t think about their partner’s looks and downplayed them in their minds were less likely to cheat and would stay faithful. Cheating is seen as being spontaneous and not really planned but is correlated with biology and early experiences in the person’s life. There are hopes that these studies will lead to treatment and suggestions to help couples stay committed and faithful.

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