Sexting is a great way to pass the time or connect with a new person. You can sext and send other messages through chat 121’s platform when you may not be able to call in and chat with people. You can sext at work, at dinner or even in your car, just make sure you’re being safe! Sexting can be simple and easy, you just gotta use these tricks!
Sending pictures is great but try and take it slow at first. Until your new chat partner asks for a pic don’t feel the need to send one. If you send an unsolicited pic, it could be the wrong place or time for your partner and you don’t want that to happen. Get flirty, chat them up and wait for them to ask to see you topless or get a shot of that rock hard body!
Remember the goal of sexting is to build anticipation. Keep the end goal in mind which is usually phone sex but enjoy the ride while you can. Test out your dirtiest fantasies and talk as filthy as you want through messages to get their anticipation and yours at an all-time high.
Try out new things like role-playing and co-creating a hot new fantasy together. If both of you are involved and creating a storyline together it is going to make things so much hotter. One person sending you sexy messages can be fun but you want to add on and tell them what you like you! But while you are trying that keep the emojis to a minimum. Too many emojis can be confusing and you want to be clear with what you want!