When it comes to dating over the chat line, there are many things that are very similar to traditional dating. There are, however, other things that are subtle differences and how to prepare for your date when it is over the phone. Here, we will discuss a few that you need for both:

1. Speak clearly and loud enough: Take advantage of being on the phone to make a great impression. Speaking clearly that a good volume will work the best for the highest number of people. You don’t want to be yelling into the phone, but you do want to make sure that people can understand what you are saying.

2. Brainstorm things to talk about: For first dates, it is important to avoid long bouts of awkward silence. Some silence is natural, but at times people feel that they do not have anything to talk about with the other person. This is often not the case, and brainstorming helps you have options prepared when the date comes. Reading the news is a great way to understand current events and have something to possibly talk about. Other topics our new movies, unique movies, art, food, and even the amount of luck the other person has had on the phone date hotline thus far.

3. Stay on the phone an appropriate amount of time: It is easy to get excited when talking to someone that you connect with. Think about how long you would prefer to be on the phone for a first phone date. For some people, it is as little as 1/2 an hour, and for others it stretches out to one hour. Paying attention to how long you have been on the phone gives a higher likelihood of ending the conversation at a good time. When is a good time? A good time is a time where you feel confident and comfortable that the person you’re talking to would love to have a second conversation. On the other end of the spectrum, a good time is knowing when the conversation is not going very well and ending that conversation to move onto the next one.
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