We are of the firm belief that online dating is way better than chat lines. Why is that? Well, there are so many reasons but we can only list a few of them here.

First of all, online dating is pretty shallow. It’s all based on pictures and there aren’t too many people who are actually comfortable putting accurate pictures online. There are some great online dating sites out there if you are a model but people who are every day and average or just a bit overweight or something may not find as much success on there. With the phone line you won’t be judged for how you look, people will be able to talk to you and find out what you are into, and vice versa. They will talk about hot fantasies, not boring getting to know you kinda stuff. You can really find someone to connect with on the phone!

Second, with online dating you always have to wait for people to message you back. Sometimes they never do and sometimes it seems like things are going pretty well but then they fall off the face of the planet. Chat lines allow you to have a good time with anyone and the connection is instantaneous. If you haven’t had something coming your way for a while, then you need to try the chat line.

Ok last of all, the people who are on the chat line do not want to beat around the bush. They are here for one thing and one thing alone. To meet open minded friends and make hook up buddy friendships. They want to have a hot time hanging out and getting laid together. It’s something that’s real fun so get on the line as soon as you can!