I’m Jill, I’m the quiet brunette sitting in my cubicle. I do as I’m told but some days I want to be someone else completely. I fantasize about standing up to my bitch of a boss. I found a way to do just that. My friend told me about a phone chat fantasy line. After a particularly challenging day I got the nerve to try it. Here’s what happened when I called in.

The phone rang and I waited in anticipation for someone to respond. “Hi baby. I’m Mandy. How can I make your fantasy come true? Are you calling to get off?” I was a bit thrown by this. I didn’t realize it was a phone sex line. “What’s on your mind today?” Not knowing how to respond I said, “My boss is a butch lesbian who treats me like her slave. I want to be in charge.”

“Take your clothes off, bend over, and stick your finger up your ass. And don’t even think about using any lube!” I said. “Are you going to fuck me?” Mandy asked. “Shut the funk up. Did I tell you to speak Mandy? That finger better be up your ass. Is it up there?” Mandy replied quietly “yes baby it’s up my ass.” “Now take it out and smell it.”

Hearing Mandy be so obedient was making me wet. I reached down and fingered my tight, wet twat that never saw the light of day. My hips began to rock as I pictured myself domineering Mandy. “A small noise came from the other end of the phone. “Excuse me.” “I didn’t say you could talk. But go ahead.” “I shit myself Jill.” “Well don’t just stand there. I want you rub it all over your boobs like chocolate ice cream.”

l continued to work my twat. I knew I was about to cum. Something I hadn’t done for 2 years. Listening to Mandy whimper and imagining her humiliation was all it took. I let out a scream and had the best orgasm of my life. “Go clean yourself up, you filthy pig.” I said and hung up the phone.