It can be hard to find someone you really like and want to date. Especially when being a single mom is such a stressful life! It’s all on your shoulders, but even then, there’s something missing. Flirtation, romance, fantasy and sex! These are all vital components of what makes you human, complete, and whole. All those memes and articles on “how to be happy” all tell you to start with you, take care of your basic needs first, be healthy so you can set a good example, etc. So, mama, how are you supposed to fit in some intimate human connection, on top of everything else you’re juggling?

That’s easy! With chat rooms, you don’t even have to get dressed to meet someone new. There are literally thousands of hot singles out there, and with 24/7 availability, there’s no excuse to be alone after you’ve put everyone else to bed. You’re already on your phone all the time, anyway! Checking emails and texts, deleting 20 year old voicemails when they come up, and scanning your calendar for just 15 minutes, somewhere, that you can squeeze in for socializing.

How about instead of going anywhere, or scrolling through your feed – trolling anyone who might be online at the moment – simply dial up a new friend to flirt with? You may end up going to bed with some exciting fantasies you made with that sexy voice on the other end; or, you might end up finding “the one” who’ll be pulling your fine (if not exhausted) self into bed every night! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except those feelings of isolation!!