You never know who you’re going to meet on the chat lines. Could be your next phone sex lover or your new best friend. If you’ve been on the chat lines for a while, you may be in need of some sparks to ignite the sexual flame. One way of shocking people on the chat lines and seeing if they are open to unique sexual phone play is to ask them what they like. It’s a straightforward way to see if you are compatible with them.

Another way to start being sexual over the phone is to mention interesting role-playing ideas that you may have never tried but always wanted to or that you have tried and want to try again. Role-playing is the act of pretending to be in a specific role. When we were children, many of us at some point used role-playing as a fun game.

We may have pretended we were firemen, or stay-at-home mom, or a teacher. Obviously, as kids, we played it as a PG setting. By adding the sexual element to role-play it can really make the phone conversation interesting.

Think of the weirdest role-playing idea that you can come up with. Now add some weird elements like setting and specific words to be used. I can honestly tell you that someone, probably on the chat lines has something stranger and more intricate in terms of a sexual role-playing scenario. So the real rule of thumb is to try things out that interest you because if it doesn’t you probably won’t be turned on.

The chat lines are always open and there are hundreds of people you can connect with and explore with. Call whenever convenient for you, and speak with someone instantly. Enjoy deep conversations, light conversations, sexual conversations, and really any conversation.