You may be wondering how to flirt on the phone as often flirting happens through nonverbal communication. Talking is an added bonus than texting or sexting and has the added benefit of the other person being able to hear the inflection of your voice and the tones that are sure to turn her on in an instant.

You might want to start by asking her some simple questions, like, “What color are your eyes?” and responding positively with a compliment and follow up. Pay attention to the voice you’re using while flirting. You may want to deepen it a bit and make it more smooth. Remember not to talk too fast when flirting over the telephone, so she or he can hear what you’re saying. Plus, going more slowly will turn him or her on and make the anticipation even greater.

Keep your conversation light and funny, and feel free to tease her a little, but not too much to the point of being mean.

Flirting on the phone is the first step to having mind-blowing phone sex. You can get started by telling her where you are, what sort of position you’re in, what you’re wearing (or not wearing). Describe where your hand is and where you’d like it to go.

After you feel comfortable flirting with each other for some time, don’t be afraid to be bold and turn the heat up by telling her all of the dirty things you want to do to her.