Going through a breakup can be challenging but you have an option to not be in your head all the time when you get on the chat lines. Meet new like-minded individuals and use active listening to learn more about others. You don’t even have to talk much about your ex should you not want to but if you do want to talk about how you’re feeling, other people will listen and give you the support you may need. The chat lines never close, so you can talk to other people whenever you want. To get started, dial the chat line number and you’ll be instantly connected with someone new.

Having a community of like-minded people while going through anything challenge can really help you get past it because you can ask others for advice or talk about other things to get distracted and not focus on the situation at hand. You can make all kinds of connections from friendships, lovers, and even booty-calls.

There are also hundreds of people on the chat lines and so there’s really no end to how many connections you can make! Within a matter of a few minutes, you are likely to know if it’s a good match with the other person on the phone. For whatever reason it is not a good match, ends the call and you can always redial the chat line number whenever you want to be connected to someone new.

You can talk about whatever you want with others on the chat lines. You can talk about your interests, hobbies, or use active listening to learn more about phone friends. The people within the chat line community tend to be open-minded and friendly, making it easy to connect with many people! Give phone dating a try as it may be the thing you need to help you overcome your ex.