It may seem corny to you to want a lover that nobody in your life knows about but really you know that a part of you is interested to understand why people like it. And truthfully if you admit it, at some point in your life you thought what it would be like to have an undercover lover. It may be wrong to keep things a secret but maybe it could feel right. There is a platform where this possibility could happen for you and that is with phone dating.

Phone dating is one of the smoothest ways to build connections and these connections do not have to be anyone’s business except for yours and the person on the other end of the phone. Get kinky with your unexplored or underexplored fantasies and let your phone friend in on your sexy secrets. He or she may reveal theirs and you can truly have fun being sensual over the phone. Role play your way into interesting situations and conversations and enjoy being in the presence of another who likes the same.

Having a private lover all to yourself can ignite a different kind of experience that only you will understand once you are in it. An undercover lover can make the whole relationship sexy in itseld as it’s sexy and fun and naughty. And often nautiness comes with a price but a relationship over the phone just comes with pleasure. You can be light and talk about whatever you and your phone lover want and really dig deep into your desires. Let your imagination run free and share all your intimate thoughts knowing you won’t be judged or looked at differently.

The chat lines never close so you can call your phone lover early in the morning or late at night for a sexual session of love making over the phone. Be sure to send a naughty text when you can so he or she knows you’re thinking about what happened the night before.