There are so many myths and stereotypes about what a chat line is and who the people that call into them are. Maybe you have heard some of these myths and you’re thinking “well chat lines may not be for me”. We want you to understand that chat lines are for everyone and most of those myths are flat out false!
Lots of people believe that all chat lines are used by only men and there are no women calling in. False! Women love to call into the chat lines and love just chatting in general. It’s true after all that women use a minimum of three times more words a day than men do. Women want what men want and that’s to make honest and real connections with other people. Chat lines are the perfect place to do this.
Chat lines hire girls to chat with men is another common myth that is out there and for some sex hotlines that may be true but at Talk 121 we want real women who are looking for love and sex to feel comfortable calling in and talking to other people in their area and all over the world. We want authenticity and so we even offer women free chat line trials to show them they are wanted and accepted on the chat lines as well!
Chat lines are full of real people wanting to get to know other real people. They have come so far from party lines and waiting on the phone to connect. With chat lines open 24 hours a day, seven days a week there’s a reason we are so popular and loved! Call in and see what it’s all about!