The world of fetishes is incredibly varied, and that’s exactly why it’s so fascinating. There are the super common kinks, such as foot fetishism, while others are way less known. Here are five that you’ve very probably never heard before:

Endytophilia. You may already know that having sex while partially clothed is exceptionally hot, because it gives you that wild “quickie” feel. But the kinksters who love this particular kind of fetish play actually like to have sex with all of their clothes on, in some extreme cases with the cloth getting inside the vagina during penetration.

Impregnation or breeding fetish. The fans of this common kink are aroused by the thought that they risk to impregnate the woman, or to become pregnant, by having sex without condoms and creampies. Of course, it’s just a fantasy: all the breeding fetishists that don’t want children at the moment use hormonal birth control, such as the pill, the patch or the ring, so they can explore their kink in complete safety.

Pecattiphilia. This fetish involves sexual acts that are considered sinful and against the religious norms of the individual who is practicing them, such as cheating, anal sex, orgies and so on. It’s very common on anonymous sex numbers, since players can experiment in complete safety and without hurting their partner if they have fantasies involving adultery.

Body modification fetish. This is all about turning the body into a canvas to express one’s personality, emotions and fetishes. Many users of our phone sex line confess to us that they get seriously turned on by a tattoo that shows the submissive status of their partner or a fashionable piercing, especially on the tongue or genitals.

Autofellatio. This requires a lot of flexibility: it’s the act of performing a blowjob on yourself. Would you be able to do it? Well, many men are (and no, they don’t all work for the Cirque du Soleil!). This practice is known since the era of the ancient Greek diviner Artemidorus, who said that it could lead the man to extreme poverty. Just another reason to find a fuck buddy that will take care of your oral pleasure herself!