Did your romantic time with your phone partner on valentine’s day spark a new level of intimacy and desire for more connection? You can easily continue the momentum by showing up and committing to your phone dates. There are also little things you can do between dates to let your phone lover know that you are thinking about her or him. Sending a sweet message with an emoji or sexting your phone friend can really act as a form of foreplay for the next time you meet on the phone with one another. Another way to keep the sparks flying and the passion rising is to send your partner pictures of what you’re doing and even what you’re wearing. The little things add up and create a happy space between you and your loved one. By doing all these things, your phone partner will await when you are on the phone with one another.

Another thing you can do to create this positive momentum is to remember what your partner says. You can even make little notes about your phone friend if you have a bad memory like me. By doing this and using your active listening skills, you’re phone lover will feel listened to, respected and loved. By giving so much of yourself to the relationship, the response is often repeated back to you. Send your partner a text with your favorite song that reminds you of him or her. Send little gifts like a book you discussed on your 3rd phone date. Over time, by doing things like the above mentioned, you will build your relationship and if you have yet to meet in-person, you can bring it up over a phone date to see how your partner feels. As the chat lines never close, you can send stuff to your lover anytime that works for you!