So, I’ll just start off with it. I’m not the best looking guy you’ve ever met, but I’m not the worst.  I’m tall and lanky, maybe a little awkward, and definitely not the guy you’re going to bring home to meet your parents or anything, because most of my female friends call me a “perv”. They’re not wrong, either. For whatever shortcomings my first impression leaves, the fact is, I’ve got a big dick and a huge appetite for sex. My favorite food is pussy!

My best friend, who’s a chick, is always lecturing me about “valuing yourself” enough to settle down into a relationship. She tells me she can’t keep up with whoever I’m doing this week or last week. She just rolls her eyes when my phone starts buzzing, because she knows I’m getting a notification about a new message from my “next piece of ass”. When we’re hanging out, she usually just gets up to pour us a fresh cup of coffee while I get on the phone to check it out. Sometimes she makes me wait to listen to it, which feels like forever! But she gets it.

I don’t know if she’s right, and that I’ve really got a commitment phobia, or if I’m right when I say that life’s too short to settle for one person. The way I see it, there’s hundreds of lonely women out there, and I’m just the guy to give them something that makes them feel good. It doesn’t need to last forever, but I can definitely make it last all night! A few times it’s turned into “dating”,
but for the most part, I provide a service, free of charge, to any and all of the ladies out there who just need a good time. Plus, every pussy comes in a different flavor, and there are some kinky chicks out there!

I’ll have to tell my best friend that she’s wrong. I’m totally committed to the women on the chat lines. I don’t care if you’re married or single, and if you’re a lesbian bring your friends! Big girls, skinny bitches, old or barely legal, I can take care of each and every one of you! So, to all you hot mamas out there, hit me up! I’m only a phone call away!!