Spring is in the air! Okay, most of the U.S. is still experiencing winter like weather conditions, but it’s supposed to be spring. The season conjures up images of blooming flowers, the butterflies are sipping at the sweet nectar within the lush, fresh petals, and birds setting up nests and courting! Mating season, right?!

Yet, if you’re single, how is any of this supposed to make you feel better? You’re trapped in your house thanks to banks of late season snows, or it’s just too wet out there to keep your hair from turning into a massive fro of frizz. Seriously, who goes out on dates in this weather?

Well, you could be using this time to get some butterflies! Phone dating lets you meet new people in your area, even when the weather forbids it. Hot and available singles who also have those primal urges to court and set up house, just like you! If the cable or the power goes out, no problem!

Your cell phone still works, and since you can’t use it to order pizza tonight, you can use it to get yourself someone hot and sexy to keep you warm all night, inside and out! Flirt and fantasy fuck someone new every night, or rule over an entire chat line like a queen bee! Who knows, maybe you’ll even find that perfect someone, so that next spring, you can answer the mating call? All it takes is you opening up (by making the call), and letting nature do the rest!